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Based in Austin, Texas, 6 Sigma Staff collaborates with decision-makers in the second-largest tech hub outside of Silicon Valley, serving clients nationwide. A woman-owned business, we provide crucial full-time and contract staffing services, as well as monthly subscription solutions, to help your tech or IT business stay ahead of the curve.

Our Leadership

Our team brings together decades of success in business development, tech, IT, and recruitment. We operate under a straightforward philosophy—generate value by offering excellent service. The executive team has navigated multiple markets, propelling businesses to their next growth phase. Among tech and IT recruiters, we are one of the most seasoned, boasting a wealth of industry knowledge.

Huma Khan: With 20 years of experience in the software industry, Huma Khan offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise. A graduate in Computer Science from the University of Kansas, she has held both technical and leadership roles in various companies. As the head of the 6 Sigma Staff, Huma's goal is to provide expert guidance and advice on software and IT-related matters to both clients and candidates.

Nabeeha Khan: Representing the future of the company, Nabeeha Khan is currently pursuing a STEM degree in Austin. She has a unique ability to connect with new and recent college graduates and is passionate about guiding them as they seek their first job.

Ahad Khan: Ahad Khan, as a recruiter, engineer, and consultant is focused on the hardware side of the IT industry. His 25 years of experience with top-tier companies have made him keenly aware of clients' hardware needs. Ahad is passionate about assisting his fellow engineers and helping them succeed.

Ehsan Khan: Ehsan Khan is our go-to guy in Silicon Valley, CA. Having a Masters in Industrial Engineering from SanJose State University and being a PMP Instructor, he has been living in the Bay Area for over two decades now having deep contacts in the technology industry. He also serves on the Board of Directors in a professional organization.

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A network built on success

As an MRI independent member, 6 Sigma Staff leverages the strength of a global network to address your most complex tech and IT recruitment challenges.